11 Mar 12 at 9 pm

Wow. Life has moved on for me :) I’ve gotten a serious relationship with my old friend Pete, whom I used to ramble about on here. My sister has moved back in with my mom, and I haven’t heard from my father in months, but plan on visiting him again during the break. I feel as if I’ve grown as a person. Changes have happened, my life is getting normal. A normal that was well worth waiting and fighting for. It’s been a good transition. Tumblr, though this sounds cheesy, has helped me through a hard time, and the people i have met through it were amazing and perfect in every way, aside from the random hater anon. but i guess them haterz be hatin. 

I will always remember my tumblr bffs, but I’m afraid I’m not going to get on mine anymore.

Sorry for the abrupt goodbye speech,

words cannot express how much yall meant to me. Love yall! 

Bye <3

11 Mar 12 at 9 pm

lol haha remember me

04 Jan 12 at 11 pm


The Glimmer Twins at the Oriole House, 1969

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The Glimmer Twins at the Oriole House, 1969
asker Marianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greggggggg!!!! :D

03 Jan 12 at 5 pm


Let me go cry for hours in a dark corner…

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